Youth and Family Center of Excellence

we provide counseling services to young people ages 4-18

Mosaic’s clinicians work collaboratively with parents and caregivers in order to ensure therapeutic care that is tailored for their unique young person counseling is a place to address difficult circumstances, relationships, feelings, and behaviors we welcome all young people and all families through our doors to work towards mental, physical, spiritual, and community wellbeing.

Some of the things we can address in counseling:

Feeling down or sad
Irritation and frustration
Substance use
Strong anger
Strong anger
Thoughts about hurting yourself
Conflict in family
Conflict with friends
Questions about identity
Self-esteem and acceptance
Decision-making skills
Plans for the future
Sexual and gender identity
Coping skills
Dealing with past trauma or recent traumatic events
Life change/transition

Some Signs that it may be time to seek help

Disconnecting from people you care about
Change in mood, more irritated, more down, more anxious
Not finding interest in things you used to
Interest in talking to someone about your life
People who you trust are telling you to go see someone
Struggling to take care of self like you used to
Scary thoughts
Difficulty attending school or work
Thoughts about harming yourself
A change in your energy
Questions about identity
Conflict in your family
Loss of a loved one like a family member, friend, or pet
Being highly critical of yourself or others
Experiencing low self-esteem


Talk and Listen
Write down your thoughts
Read a poem
Learn something new


Drink water and eat nourishing food
Be Active
Tend your hygiene
Get Outside
Listen to Music


Engage in spiritual or faith practices
Care for a pet or a plant
Listen to the rain
Focus on Gratitude


Talk and Listen
Write down your thoughts
Read a poem
Learn something new

The service providers at the Center of Excellence for Children and Adolescents are a diverse group of therapists who are trained specifically in working with young people.

Katherine Chapman, LPC-S

Team Lead – Child and Adolescent Center of Excellence

Katherine works with children, adolescents, young adults, and families. She partners with clients to address a variety of concerns, including difficulties with mood, behavioral concerns for children and adolescents, relationships, parent/child conflict, challenges faced by LGBTQI+ youth, life change/transition, and the impact of trauma and abuse. Katherine integrates a client centered and trauma informed approach with Solution Focused strategies, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and Narrative Therapy techniques. She also incorporates play based approaches and is trained in Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT).

Don Neal


Don enjoys working with older children, adolescents, adults and couples. He primarily uses Person-Centered therapy with clients while integrating concepts from CBT, DBT, existential philosophy and spirituality. In the counseling room, he strives to create an environment in which clients feel understood, supported, and in charge of their own personal health and growth.

Jasmine Banks

LPC-Associate, Supervised by Katherine Chapman, LPC-S

Jasmine specializes in play therapy and works with children, adolescents, families and adults. With a client-centered and trauma-informed approach, she integrates Solution-Focused, CBT, and client-centered therapy techniques. Jasmine incorporates play-based approaches and has received training in Child Centered Play Therapy (CPT), utilizing creative and expressive methods to engage her clients in a holistic healing process. Her goal is to foster meaningful connections and collaborate with clients to achieve their therapeutic goals. With Jasmine as your counselor, you can expect a compassionate and empowering therapeutic journey, where she will guide you towards positive growth, resilience, and improved mental well-being.”

Rubyth Tirado


Rubyth is a bilingual therapist who is Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) trained and HeartMath certified. She specializes in working with children, families, and adults to help decrease unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that are so often caused by trauma. In her work with clients, Rubyth puts special emphasis on increasing positive coping and regulation skills to help ease the burden of suffering and help clients get back to living their fullest lives.