Our Team

We are East Texas’ largest nonprofit counseling organization. Our focus on the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit while honoring individual beliefs and practices ensures your counseling experience will be like none you have had before.


David Wheeler


David works with adolescents, adults and couples. He uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy among other techniques in addressing individual needs.

Don Neal


Don enjoys working with older children, adolescents, adults and couples. He primarily uses Person-Centered therapy with clients while integrating concepts from CBT, DBT, existential philosophy and spirituality. In the counseling room, he strives to create an environment in which clients feel understood, supported, and in charge of their own personal health and growth.

Marth Carney


Martha enjoys working with survivors of severe abuse u0026 trauma, addressing concerns such as anxiety, depression, childhood u0026 sexual abuse, abusive relationships, and life transitions. Martha is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Dr. Erick Lenert

Dr. Erick Lenert is a Texas Licensed Psychologist who strives to help each client get more satisfaction from their personal, marital, family and work relationships. He does this with a variety of best practice methods and common sense. He enjoys working with adults and couples, while attending to the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of each individual.

Gayla Jacobs McNatt


Gayla is trained in EMDR, and loves working with children, often including play therapies, as well as adolescents and adults on issues like anxiety, depression, anger, grief and parenting challenges.

Hannah Hankins

LPC-A, Supervised by Gayla McNatt, LPC-S

Hannah enjoys working with adults of all ages and older adolescents to address issues like trauma, chronic illness, grief, anxiety, and depression. She approaches counseling through an existential and relational-cultural lens, which can look like exploring all aspects of our well-being in the presence of an authentic relationship. Her goal is for each client to feel safe and empowered throughout each step of the therapeutic process. Hannah uses interventions such as mindfulness, values exploration, and attention to growth fostering relationships to help clients navigate the complex challenges of life.

Camilla Ha-Fagan

NCC, LPC-A, supervised by Katherine Chapman, LPC-S

Camilla works from a classical Depth Psychology foundation, integrating talk therapy with Jungian dreamwork, mindfulness, and various wisdom traditions to address relationship, addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and loneliness.

Child and Adolescent Center of Excellence

Katherine Chapman, LPC-S

Director of Client Care, youth and family

Grounded in a narrative and solution-focused approach, Katherine partners with clients and their caregivers to address barriers impacting wellbeing. In her supervisory role, she is dedicated to fostering excellence in clinical care and strives to ensure that Mosaic’s youth and family Center of Excellence is equipped to provide effective, inclusive, and compassionate care to every young person who comes to Mosaic for counseling.

Jasmine Banks

LPC-A, Supervised by Katherine Chapman, LPC-S

Jasmine specializes in play therapy and works with children, adolescents, families and adults. With a client-centered and trauma-informed approach, she integrates Solution-Focused, CBT, and client-centered therapy techniques. Jasmine incorporates play-based approaches and has received training in Child Centered Play Therapy (CPT), utilizing creative and expressive methods to engage her clients in a holistic healing process. Her goal is to foster meaningful connections and collaborate with clients to achieve their therapeutic goals. With Jasmine as your counselor, you can expect a compassionate and empowering therapeutic journey, where she will guide you towards positive growth, resilience, and improved mental well-being.

Bessie Small


Bessie enjoys working with children, adolescents, and adults. She takes on an eclectic approach to counseling utilizing CBT, mindfulness strategies, and person centered to better support individuals with issues ranging from attachment, trauma, grief/loss, anxiety, depression, anger and other life stressors. Her primary goal in counseling is to offer support to individuals in a safe judgement free zone while working towards completing therapeutic goals.

Shannon Henshaw

LPC-A supervised by Gayla McNatt, LPC-S

Shannon enjoys working with children, adolescents, and adults. She utilizes client centered and play therapy approaches to address various concerns including stress, anxiety, grief, loss, mindfulness, trauma, and anger management. Her goal in counseling is to facilitate therapeutic growth through creating a safe space for others, keeping an open mind, and staying adaptable.

Support Team

Katie Little

Team Lead – Finance and Administration

Katie manages MCCET’s financial operations, ensuring that the Center works diligently to best utilize its resources and remains in compliance with local, state and federal laws. Katie also provides support to senior leaders, monitoring key data sets for timely decision-making.

Jacob Fowler

Client Services Assistant

Jacob is one of the first friendly voices you will hear when you call us. With a background in helping others, Jacob is ready to listen and walk you through the client onboarding process.

Becca Slate

Client Services Assistant

Becca’s calm and caring demeanor will be sure to welcome you to your counseling experience.


Chris Taylor


In his role as executive director, Chris ensures that the culture of MCCET is one that attracts and retains a highly skilled and motivated workforce while keeping the Center focused on its mission and vision. Making MCCET a destination for clients is also a primary goal. Chris has worked in senior leadership for over 16 years, most recently as the Executive Director of a local public health agency.

Brittany Gayetsky

LCSW-S, Director of Client Care, Adults and Couples

Brittany loves providing therapy to adult clients. She works from a psychodynamic perspective and is trained in Hakomi, a mindfulness-centered, somatic therapy. In her supervisory role, she enjoys continually working toward greater excellence in clinical care and helping to create an environment where therapists feel supported to do purposeful, compassionate work.

Lance Bolay

DMin Director of Mission Impact

Lance spends time building relationships with the community and our philanthropic partners, with the goal of ensuring we carry out our mission in ways that benefit the community.

Kissy Stanley

Director, Business and Client Continuity

Kissy leads our Client Services Team, supporting your journey by ensuring scheduling, communication, payment and follow-up activities are as simple as possible.